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How to Install and Reset a Printer Drum


Replacing and Resetting Drum Units on Laser Printers and Faxes

Some Brother laser printers have separate consumables - the toner cartridge and the drum unit. From time to time you may need to replace only the drum unit and not the toner cartridge.


The error LED lights up, or an error message shows on a flat screen panel, when the drum unit is near the end of its working life. Use the drum unit until you have a print quality problem, then replace the drum unit with a new one.


The links below describe how to replace the drum units for the different model Brother printers.


DR2125 (HL-2140) – Drum Reset

DR2125 (DCP-7040) – Drum Reset

DR2125 (MFC7340, MFC7440, MFC7840W) – Drum Reset

DR2025 (HL-2040, HL-2070, MFC-7340) – Drum Reset

DR-2025 (Fax 2820, Fax 2890, Fax 2920) – Drum Reset

DR-2025 (MFC 7220, MFC7420, MFC 7820N) – Drum Reset

DR3000 (HL-5140, HL-5150D, HL-5170DN) – Drum Reset

DR3000 (MFC8220, MFC8440, MFC8840) – Drum Reset

DR150 (MFC-9440CN, MFC9450CDN, MFC9840CDW) – Drum Reset

DR340 (HL-4150, HL-4570CDW) – Drum Reset

DR340 (DCP9055CDN) – Drum Reset

DR340 (MFC9460CDN, MFC9970CDW) – Drum Reset

DR-2225 (HL-2250) – Drum Reset

DR-2225 (DCP-7055. DCP-7060D, DCP-7065DN) – Drum Reset

DR2225 (MFC7360N, MFC7362, MFC7460DN, MFC7860DW) – Drum Reset

DR-7000 (HL-5040) – Drum Reset

DR-7000 (DCP-8020, DCP-8025, DCP-8820) – Drum Reset

DR-3115 (HL-5240, HL-5250DN, HL-5270DN) – Drum Reset

DR-3215 (HL-5340D, HL-5350DN, HL-5370DW, HL-5380DN) – Drum Reset

DR3215 (MFC8880DN, MFC8890DW, MFC8370DN) – Drum Reset

DR-240 (HL-3040CN, HL-3045CN, HL-3070CW) – Drum Reset

DR240 (DCP9010CN) – Drum Reset

DR240 (MFC9120CN, MFC9125CN, MFC9320CW, MFC9325CW) – Drum Reset

DR-150 (HL-4040, HL-4050CDN) – Drum Reset

DR150 (DCP9040CN, DCP9042CDN) – Drum Reset

DR-6000 (Fax 8360p) – Drum Reset

DR6000 (MFC9660, MFC9880) – Drum Reset

DR-8000 (MFC 4800) – Drum Reset

DR8000 (MFC9160, MFC9180) – Drum Reset